Secure Financial Services, INC.

The first thing we do is sit down and visit and LISTEN to the customer! We don't just throw out the hot product of the day. After we do our job of listening, we'll suggest some sort of analysis to address the customer's concerns and interests. The analysis has no charge and there is no obligation.

The kind of analysis we might do for a customer might be:

Retirement Analysis - we use planning software to help make projections over the customer's lifetime using information about their retirement assets, social security income, pensions, etc. We also input the income they'll need in retirement, their desired retirement age, an inflation assumption among other items. The analysis helps to get financial information organized, to see if the customer is at risk of running out of money in retirement, what kind of returns are necessary to avoid running out of money - and many other insights.

Asset Allocation Analysis - we use a questionnaire that helps to determine an appropriate mix of investments and planning software to compare a customer's current portfolio to a portfolio suggested by their answers in the questionnaire. The analysis helps people to see if their current mix is too risky, too conservative or not well diversified. Many of our customers find this analysis very helpful in managing their 401k plans at work because it can be difficult for them to know details about the many investment options available in their plan.

Tax Analysis - while we're not tax preparers and any analysis should be reviewed by the customer's own tax preparer, we can review a tax return and look for indications of ways to reduce taxes. We use tax software to then show the customer the tax savings from our suggested strategy versus what they are currently paying in taxes, based on their own tax return.

We help in many other areas too, like pension decision analysis, probate avoidance, choosing medicare supplement plans, deciding if long term care insurance is needed - to name just a few others

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