Medicare Supplement Planning and Quotes

     Due to customer demand we offer this type of insurance for those who are over age 65.

     Basically, Medicare Supplement insurance is designed to pay health care expenses not covered by Medicare. Medicare has 2 parts - Part A for Hospital Care and Part B for Physician care. Medicare supplement insurance comes in 2 varieties:

    Medigap-standardized plans labeled A through N. Plans issued by different insurance     companies have identical benefits and identical claims payment procedures - therefore no company has better benefits or claims paying practices than any other company. The only difference is the amount of the premium and the history of premium increases. This type of insurance has premiums that can change every year depending on how much money is needed to pay claims and remain solvent.
     Medicare Advantage- non-standardized plans that may have small or even no premiums but can have out of pocket amounts and are limited to certain doctors and hospitals in addition to other restrictions.
    Both Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans are guaranteed to be issued regardless of health at age 65 and at other ages under certain circumstances. Otherwise a person must be able to qualify medically for coverage.
    For our clients we tend to prefer Medigap Plan F coverage because it covers everything that Medicare doesn't cover and at any doctor and hospital. We recently had a client who had a Medicare Advantage plan with no premium but that had an out of pocket limit of $2450 in 2009 which rose to over $8000 in 2010. A new Medigap Plan F policy gave that client the assurance that there would be no bills to be paid out of pocket.
    We have found that normally a client will get a Plan F at age 65 and the premiums will go up over the years but the client doesn't reallized that he or she could get the same Plan F from another company if they're somewhat healthy and greatly reduce the premium!
Give us a call or send an email for a quote to see if we can get you better benefits, save you money on existing coverage or both!